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Links Old audio surfaces of Trump praising… Assange’s remark came at the end of a contentious interview Friday with “Real Time” host Bill Maher, during which the two discussed WikiLeaks’ recent disclosure of Democratic National Committee emails and voicemails. Assange, who has vowed to release more information to damage Hillary Clinton’s campaign, was asked by Maher, a Clinton supporter, whether he plans to similarly disrupt Trump’s presidential prospects. “Why don’t you hack into Donald Trump’s tax return?” Maher asked. “Well, we’re working on it,” responded Assange, who did not provide further information. But a message from WikiLeaks’ official Twitter account Saturday morning dismissed Assange’s statement, claiming it was meant in jest. “WikiLeaks isn’t ‘working on’ hacking Trump’s tax-returns. Claim is a joke from a comedy show. We are ‘working on’ encouraging whistleblowers.” has repeatedly refused to release his tax returns to the public, a common practice for modern presidential candidates, saying he’s under audit. The bucking of the decades-long tradition has fueled considerable criticism and speculation over what the documents might contain, including whether Trump has any business dealings with Russia. The US rival has been accused of being behind the hacked DNC emails, and the resulting controversy led to the resignation of DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the ouster of several other top DNC officials.

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Nita: Ca accompagnato ad Hun avverbio Fi dodo: ‘Rene’, ‘male’, acc. The facts, tips and suggestions you gave were awesome! Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions Top 10 Interview Questions and Answers Interviewers will ask questions about you to gain insight into your personality, and to determine whether you’re a fit for both the job and the company. I know exactly what interviewers are looking for having been one myself for Exxon Mobil, and I’ve been interviewing people for 17 years. I learned the hard way, but frequent interviewing quickly taught me everything I needed to know about aching interviews. Just thought that I would let you know that I read and utilized many suggestions in the guide and I am now EMPLOYED! What would you like to be doing 5 years from now? I deliver what I promise. Let me take this one step further….

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